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Common Misconceptions about Depression

Depression is more than just normal sadness. It is one of the most common mental health disorders. Yet, there is much misconception around it. Changing the way we think and talk about depression and mental illness can help reduce the stigma around it. Here are some common myths and facts around depression:

1. Myth: Depression is a form of mental weakness

Fact: Depression is NOT a form of mental weakness. Depression can affect anyone. It's just like getting the flu- anyone can get it, even if you are physically "strong".

2. Myth: I need to be "stronger" to get over my depression

Fact: Recovering from depression is NOT just about "mental strength". People don't just "snap out of" depression or will themselves out of it. It needs to be treated with medication and/or psychotherapy.

3. Myth: If I have depression, it means I'm "crazy"

Fact: Having depression does NOT mean you're going "crazy". People with depression worry that they might lose control of themselves and do something "crazy" or turn violent. Most of the time, this does not happen in depression.


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